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My New Rockin' Lap Steel Course!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hi lap steel fans! Just wanted to let you know that, working with the folks at Modern Music Masters, I have created a new lap steel course called “Rockin’ Lap Steel”.

In the course I show you my favorite Rock and Blues licks and phrases that you can use on any gig that needs a little aggressive “slide guitar” vibe. Using a 6-string lap steel tuned to “Dobro G” (GBDGBD), you'll learn how to get a great Rock tone with any lap steel and I show you tons of easy-to-play ideas to try out and adapt for your own.

Fully Tabbed out with practice tracks, Rockin’ Lap Steel has 30+ fun and entertaining lessons to get you into basic lap steel:

- minimal theory required - familiar classic Blues and Rock progressions - two extended solos over the chord changes to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and “Little Wing”.

Perfect for 6-string guitarists, resophonic players and pedal steelers looking to add that expressive lap steel sound to their bag of tricks, “Rockin’ Lap Steel” gets you playing great sounding licks right away.

For the complete Course description, sample video, FAQs and more, click here:


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